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Coniji partner hotels – Gift card manual and FAQs


By inviting your guests to Conij, you enable them to access our digital travel guide and enjoy benefits not only in your city, but in a growing number of European metropolises as well.

It’s incredibly easy, as the cards and the digital experience they give access to are self-explanatory. You only need to pick the right color card, depending on the type of guest:

  • Direct booking guests: Give away 1 pink card per room (valid for 2 “1-year free memberships” with a combined 200€ value) – or give more cards, if 3+ people are in 1 room.
  • OTA guests: Give away 1 white card per room (valid for an unlimited number of “1-week free trial memberships”).

If guests have a problem with a card, just give them a new one. We’re happy to send you new cards anytime.

Frequently asked questions

Why are there no FAQs?

So far, nobody has asked us anything 🙂